Playstation VR Worlds

When I started working on Playstation VR Worlds, I was really interested in The London Heist portion of the game. We managed to build a short story, that when played, feels like you are actually in an action movie.

Around 6 months before the end of development, I was set a challenge by the production team.

“Do you think you could make a shooting gallery from scratch in the next 4 months?”  

My answer: “Yeah, go on then.” 

I’m extremely pleased with what the team managed to put out in such a short time frame.


Although I worked exclusively on The London Heist, Playstation VR Worlds had 5 small teams working across 5 games at the same time. The trailer below showcases the fine work produced by the talented folks at London Studio.



Here’s a compilation of some of the Shooting Range challenges I built for the London Heist.

This player has got style!


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